May 18th 1914

Cyril’s Birthday


May 11th 1914

I got up at 5.45 + did a bit of my design. In chemistry we did analysis of single salts again. I am beginning better to understand it now. In Scripture “Sammy” Meek got a bit row because I made a bit of a row + then I couldn’t find my bible.

May 10th 1914

Cyril + I went to church to Sunday School Anniversary. Grandpa had 3 attacks during early morning at 1, 4, 9 o’clock. The last was very nearly a fit, rather bad. In afternoon church parade at St. James’ Broughton. Tea at Braehead. We kept house again. Came home at 8:45.

May 9th 1914

In the morning I did not go but did some lessons instead. I lost my fountain pen. We met some others at about 2 o’clock at London Road Station + we proceeded to Strines by the 2.17 (We were supposed to go by the 9.15 AM meeting at London Road at 8:45 but this was too early). When we got there we at once started a game. We divided into two parties + followed a trail which led us to two different places. Then we had a fight to kill one another when we met again, by taking neckerchiefs out of belts. There is a nice wood with a few deep pits in it. We dropped stones down. Dish had not got his motor-bike so he came with us by train.

May 8th 1914

I got up fairly early + did my chemistry notes. We had no test. Cyril + I went with a party (in the Upper Circle of the Royal) to see the “Captain Scott in the Antartic” pictures taking by Mr Pouting. The lecturer was Mr Meyers the dog man. The pictures were splendid. About half of them were studies of penguins, seals etc, which were very amusing. Then the hard marches were seen, the erection of the tent + the evening meal. Then off again next morning. Then the last picture was the grave. Then Mr. Meyers recited the well known piece, “We took risks, we know we took them, etc.” Then we went back to school for tea for Normandy trekkers. Then skipped home. The show was not up to much.

May 7th 1914

I got up fairly early. Mayo did not mention it so again we dd not go. In drawing I got 2 for my homework but he did not say why, as he was in a hurry. I was very sorry as it is the first 2 I have had since last midsummer. Last we had off for cricket + as it rained in the morning I did not take my things. So I caught the 2.32 train home + got our things ( we were playing Cyril’s form Cl. Tr. + so I took his things too) + scorched down on my bike to the Cliff. Just as I had changed it began to rain heavily + I had to change back again + pack my flannels as best I could on my bike tying them to the handlebars.

May 6th 1914

I got up at about 6:30. I forget that yesterday, for the Bradley exercise I did on Monday, which was not really so bad, I got a P.S., but I told Mayo it was hard but he said nothing. I did not go nor did Burke + we arranged not to go. So I went to the meeting afterwards + Mayo said nothing about this day as I lay low + only answered questions directed to me. And he did not remember so again I did not go. I told Burke to stop fooling or he might remember.