January 30th 1914

Mayo gave us a test in which I got 31 out of 52. “Wild was by law”, said Mayo, “supposed to come down on Saturday”. But on plea of extreme youth and smallness he was let off. In chemistry we did some experiments with Chlorine. It was arranged that I should meet father at 4.30 PM on Exchange Station and he turned up at 5.5, delayed by extra work. We had tea at the “Hardomak”, + then went to the “Oxford” a photographic shop. I had set my mind on a camera, [Cameo, 3 speeds, 3 stops] but this was sold out + Father said that if you had a no of stops speeds were not necessary and even in the way. So I got Cameo no 0 stops for + Continuous release and Father bought me the five slides extra for 3/9. Altogether we saved 7. 3d by going to that shop.


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