March 9th 1914

We got up at about 8:30. After breakfast we went, after tightening my chain, to Appleby Bridge and the stream, half way up to Ashurst. Dinner at about 1 o’clock. Took 6 photos (see diary). Mr Pye gave me some plants. We set out at about 2 o’clock + were in Wigan in about 25 mins. Stayed at Father’s office. Left there at 3:40. Home at 5:10. Nice but hard ride. Whilst at Wigan we heard of Grandpa’s accident:- Grandpa had started out early as usual + mother followed in the car. When the car passed Halton Bank she saw a crowd round an old man in the road. When she got to church she was alarmed at not seeing Grandpa’s hat, because he should have arrived there. First she asked Mr Martin if he had come, + he said he had not:- + mother told him about the accident in Eccles Old Road. Mr Martin tried to console her, and just at that moment Mr Wigley and someone else came up and asked for Grandpa’s address. So mother rushed up to find the motor ambulance already there, also Dr Johnson. As the men could not find the house mother went on the box in front. Mr Mudd thought it was one of us who had been run over, whilst cycling. Father, when he saw mother on the front thought Grandpa was already dead, as mother was outside. Mr Mudd, when he heard the motor thought it was his son coming for him. Father + the men carried him in and when he opened his eyes he just spoke to father. When father related the latter I thought the worst was coming. But, it did not, thank God. It turned out that he had had a slight apoplectic fit, + nearly a stroke. (A bill came from fire station for 12s 27d.)


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