April 25th 1914

I caught the 10:18 train to town as Mr Hope had asked me to bring a 2s 6d picture from the “Daily Mail” offices. I also went up Oxford Rd to the same shop but still they had no P.O.P. Then I went to Woolley’s for some Sulphuric Acid. I then caught, I think, the 12:45 train back. [By the way, on the 10:18 I went down in the guard’s van]. In the afternoon we went to the clubroom + I only saw Dish but could not speak to him. When I came back about 5:15 he had gone. Then just as I was returning at night, crossing the tram lines near Weaste Lane my wheel caught the upraised part + knocked me to the other line. This did likewise + brought me off with such a crash. Luckily my bike was not damaged much. I hurt my arm and thigh badly. Shaw took me to a house for some water, as I had only just left him. The accident might have been very serious.


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