May 1st 1914

I got up fairly early altho’ we did not have much homework. We went to school in uniform + broke up at 12 o’clock. I caught the 12.18 train after buying some “20th Century” plates at Boot’s. Then I put in 6 plates + went to the Sports after dinner catching the 1/25 down. In the first event (100 y’ds Open) our form scored 32, Hay got 1st 18, Schneiden 3rd 14, + there were some Steeplechase marks to which I contributed 3. Dish, after much persuasion, ran in the “Old Boy’s Race” but Knudsen came in first, Dish 2nd. Knudsen, I believe, is trying for the N. England championship. I took photos to the no. of 6.


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