May 5th 1914

I got up at about 6.30. After school we had to meet in Mr Hope’s room to decide what to bring to the Dance party tea. He wrote a mysterious assortment of things on the board, from pigeon + pork to trifles, cakes, etc. Sausages, Ham, bunny food were other things. We took cakes. I liked Hope’s cheek when he said that the ham must b home done as if anyone would buy a whole ham + boil it at home just to please him. We had some fun as each chap suggested things, because some were very amusing, such as: – kippers etc.


May 4th 1914

I got up at about 6 o’clock, + did my Bradley exercise. In chemistry we did analysis of single salts again. In Scripture we had to write out a description of a place as to its situation + what events took place there. I did not do very well. I got slightly muddled up. But I did not hear any more about it from Mr Samuel Meek!!! We had a fair amount of homework + I got my drawing book from school + did my “flower” in Indian Tuk

May 3rd 1914

Cyril + I went to church (alone). Grandpas hand went again at about in the morning. It was amusing as he knocked at Mother’s door + said ”Bert + Edie, I am afraid I shall want you”, and he did. Bernard came for me (with Arnold) + after tea we kept house till 8.45 PM. I stayed till nearly 9.0. We found a zinc + a piece of carbon + made a brichromate battery

May 2nd 1914

I got up at 8 o’clock. We had to rush about + get ready for Scouting. We caught the 9.3. down + then the 9.20 from Victoria. Having arrived at Bury we went by electric train to Holcombe Hill, a distance of 3 miles. They are splendid carriages. We had a stew for dinner to which each boy added his meat, potatoes etc. We spent a lovely day on the moors + we caught a train about 7.15 back. I was told to search the carriage afterwards, + the train started + I went on to the shunting line + then came back again. I got my full money’s worth. The day was 9d small ones, 10d bigger ones.

May 1st 1914

I got up fairly early altho’ we did not have much homework. We went to school in uniform + broke up at 12 o’clock. I caught the 12.18 train after buying some “20th Century” plates at Boot’s. Then I put in 6 plates + went to the Sports after dinner catching the 1/25 down. In the first event (100 y’ds Open) our form scored 32, Hay got 1st 18, Schneiden 3rd 14, + there were some Steeplechase marks to which I contributed 3. Dish, after much persuasion, ran in the “Old Boy’s Race” but Knudsen came in first, Dish 2nd. Knudsen, I believe, is trying for the N. England championship. I took photos to the no. of 6.

April 27th 1914

I got up early as per usual. In chemistry we did the analysis of single salts. It is rather nice but is also rather hard, because I get muddled up sometimes. My arm is still stuff + a lump on my thigh. I got more orders for the France photographs. I am trying to make them pay the cost of the materials. At night after doing some homework I did some more gaslight printing. It was fairly late when I went to bed, I think.